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8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Archive Data Migration Provider

Thank you for your interest in our data migration starter guide, “Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Archive Data Migration Provider.” This guide will help you ask the right questions and give you tips on what to look for so you can avoid the marketing spin. “Do the types of files I am moving make a difference?” and, “Can I move my data to any storage company or do I have to stay with the same vendor?” are just a few questions answered in this guide.

The process is fast and the information is reliable. We have been migrating archive data for many companies and have glowing references. We have achieved a 100% referenceable customer base by partnering with our customers and making sure they have the resources they need to be successful.

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Interested in knowing more? Interlock Technology is the leading archive data migration specialist that can transfer your archive data from your old Centera or other object-based storage to a new storage platform of your choice. Visit us at or call us today at (888) 369-1024 to find out more.  

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