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The Interlock Difference

There are a lot of reasons to choose Interlock, but here are the top 10:

1) Interlock supports the broadest range of applications and vendors. No other archive data migration company can match the number of applications that we support and we will transfer your data to and from the storage provider of your choice. Few vendors offer this breadth of coverage.

2) Speed. Interlock’s technology bypasses the application layer and can migrate faster than any competitive company. We have attained the top speed of 14TB a day, which is the fastest speed Centera can support for migrations. Interlock can complete even the largest migrations, with billions of files, in a few months, while competitors require around 18 months for the same migration.

3) Security. Interlock uses a FIPS approved SHA-256 secure hashing algorithm that was designed by the NSA to ensure data integrity, and therefore prevents data loss. Interlock ensures the chain-of-custody so there are no breaches, and our technology meets all standard compliances such as HIPPA and SEC 17a4.

4) Purpose-built migration technology with no hardware or software left behind. Interlock was the first company to offer Centera migrations; our process and technology was designed by expert data archive engineers for the sole purpose of migrating archive data. Many vendors try to retrofit a solution by replacing the EMC CUA (the device that makes the EMC file system) and replace it with their own gateway solution. Then some vendors leave their gateway solution behind because you now need that appliance. With Interlock, we finish the migration with no boxes left behind; there are no worries about third-party technology and any accompanying support services.

5) Experience & reputation. Interlock is the leading private archive data migration company. We built our technology, services and reports specifically for data migration, so we can offer the widest breadth of support for applications and work with a broad array of storage providers. We were the first company to offer Centera migrations and have a deep expertise that enables us to handle the most challenging migrations. Whether you are moving to new storage or to the cloud, we will get you there quickly and accurately. We have a great reputation in the industry because we are candid about our abilities and we stand behind our work.

6) On-time Guarantee. Interlock has an unparalleled depth of expertise in data migration. We know how long your migration will take and we stand behind our quote. We are so sure of the accuracy of our quotes, we are the only vendor to offer an On-time Guarantee.

7) Non-disruptive. At Interlock, we bypass the application layer and transfer the data directly. This enables us to be the lowest touch provider, and our Xspedient™ technology ensures we have zero impact on your ability to continue running your business during your data migration.

8) Accountability. With IL, you know that everything was successfully migrated and nothing was forgotten or left behind. We have the most comprehensive and detailed reports that provide you with full visibility into your data, so you can confirm that all of your data was successfully moved. In fact, our reports are so detailed they have stood up in court as proof of compliance.

9) Full service provider. Interlock is a full-service data migration company. We make your solution simple because we do all the migration work and present you with a finished project as well as all accompanying reports. Some other companies ask you do run the reports and do part of the work, which can lead to scheduling delays and hassles. Interlock simplifies the migration by removing the burden from your already tightly-schedules staff. Your migration is our top priority for our staff and timelines do not have to shift due to other department projects or priorities.

10) Customer satisfaction. At Interlock, we have NEVER failed to finish a migration. 100% of our customers are referenceable. In fact, some customers that tried to save a few dollars by using a different provider and doing some of the work themselves, come back to Interlock to finish the job when other companies take too long or cannot transfer all the data as promised.

Interlock Technology is the leading provider of archive data migration for EMC Centera® and other Content-Addressed Storage (CAS) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Interlock’s field-tested, proprietary technology bypasses the applications so it migrates archive data at 10x the speed of host-based migrations, as well as supports a broader range of file types than any other provider. We make archive data migration simple, safe, fast and effective. For more information, contact us at (888) 369-1024 or