Archive Data Migration for All Industries, with Specialized Expertise in Healthcare & Financial Archive Migrations

Interlock has successfully migrated archived data for a broad range of industries. From corporations to government agencies, we provide data migration from EMC Centera®, and other legacy systems, to the new archive system of your choice. Interlock is the gold standard of archive data migrations. There are virtually no limitations on where we can migrate your archived data. We work with almost any storage company, support more applications than any other competitor and we have the fastest data migration technology, with speeds up to 14 TB per day. For more information, read The Interlock Difference.

While Interlock has experience migrating archive data from all industry segments, we also have specialized experience to help healthcare and financial services organizations navigate the unique regulatory challenges in these highly regulated industries. Whether you organization wants to migrate to a new archive data system in order to reduce costs and streamline administration, or because your current archive system is approaching the end of its useful life, you need a data migration provider that has experience with your industry’s unique challenges. For healthcare organizations, we ensure HIPAA compliant data migration services. For financial companies, we ensure compliance with SEC 17a4 and SOX.

In addition to data regulatory compliance issues, the healthcare and financial industries have traditionally experienced many mergers and acquisitions. This had led to organizations trying to blend different archive storage systems, resulting in disparate data silos which are expensive and time-consuming to manage. Furthermore, these silos can make it difficult to respond to HIPAA and SEC inquiries in a timely manner. By migrating archived data to a new, efficient archive storage system, many organizations have reduced costs and personnel hours while increasing the efficiency of their archive data searches.

Interlock has extensive experience migrating financial and healthcare data from EMC Centera®, or other NAS and SAN systems, to the storage provider of your choice. Whether you are migrating to a new on-site archive storage system or to the cloud, we not only help you migrate your data, but we also serve as an experienced consulting partner to ensure your success and regulatory compliance. For more information on our industry-specific archive data solutions, visit our financial page, healthcare page, or contact us.

Interlock delivers:

  • The gold standard of archive data migration: we support more types of application data that any other provider
  • Archive data migration at the storage level, not through the application. Our Xspedient™ technology ensures NO interruption to your daily business
  • The fastest transfer rates – 10x+ faster than host-based migrations
  • Industry specific solutions for healthcare organizations: PACS data migration, DICOM data migration and VNA support
  • Industry-specific support for financial organizations: SEC 17a4 compliance, CMS and email migration support (including certification in Symantec Enterprise Vault EV)


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