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Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) Migration

Centera to NAS or Object Storage (S3) Migration

Interlock Technology delivers data migration services for corporate and regulated data ev features(SEC 17-a4, HIPAA, SARBOX, GLBA), preserving data retention policies, maintaining full document authenticity and providing a compliant migration audit trail. Interlock’s Veritas Certified™ migration capability for Enterprise Vault includes content stored on object-based storage systems such as EMC® Centera™.

Interlock is able to migrate EV data from Centera to NAS or object-based (S3) storage systems, depending on customer preference.

Our Centera migration service can deliver unprecedented migration speeds, typically orders of magnitude faster than any of our host-based competitors. This enables us to shorten engagements from years to months or even weeks, reducing project cost and risk.

Interlock exclusive: migration to object storage supporting the EV Streamer API

For object-based storage systems, Veritas created a Storage Streamer API for Enterprise Vault. Storage vendors must integrate with the Streamer API in order to allow EV to archive files/emails/etc. to their storage systems with full S3 functionality.

Interlock is the exclusive Veritas EV migration partner for storage-layer migration to Streamer-supporting
object storage
. Only Interlock is able to provide end-to-end migration of EV data with full certification by
Veritas, with ZERO impact on production during the migration, using our unique storage-layer integration
with EV.

The benefits of migrating to a Streamer-supported object storage system are many:

  • Scalability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Manageability
  • Performance
    • This will manifest not only in terms of day to day operations, but will also result in faster
      migration times, which is important for large deployments
  • Data analytics
    • With the migrated data available via a standard S3 interface, data analytics and machine learning
      may be readily applied to the data

Migrating your Veritas Enterprise Vault™ email data can be complex and time consuming.
Interlock Technology’s innovative data migration solution enables you to replace your EMC® Centera™
storage with newer, more efficient storage. Our solution is a proven, high speed and fully compliant
migration service that has been Certified by Veritas. In fact, Interlock has done “rescue work” for
organizations that have tried non-certified migration companies that were unable to complete the job.
When you choose Interlock for your Veritas Enterprise Vault migration, you can rest assured that your
archive data migration will be done correctly and on schedule. Read a case study.

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