Streamlining your Archive Data Systems to Save Time and Money

When migrating archive data for financial companies, it requires proven methodologies, field-tested tools and procedures, and an ability to manage the migration of large, complex archives. Due to mergers, acquisitions or rapid growth, many financial companies find that their archived data has grown into different data silos, making it difficult and expensive to manage. Even worse, these data silos make it difficult to respond quickly to SEC data inquiries, as companies may need to search several archive storage systems.

Interlock has helped many financial companies save time and money by migrating their archived data from EMC Centera®, and other CAS or NAS archive systems, to a new archive data solution. As an SEC 17a4 and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant archive data migration provider, we ensure that your data is migrated quickly, with pre-migration assessments and post-migration assessments that ensure a clear audit trail and chain-of-custody verification for legal or regulatory inquiries. In fact, our reports are so detailed, they have held up in court as proof of compliance. For companies in the financial services industry, data regulatory compliance is critical. Interlock is the gold standard for archive data migration services, offering experienced professionals that specialize in financial data migration from legacy systems.

Another key difference is that Interlock is a partner in your archive data migration. We will migrate your data to the platform and provider you choose, giving you the added benefit of experienced consultants to ensure the success of your data migration. In addition, we support the broadest range of application types in the industry. Unlike many competitive solutions, a migration never gets too complex for us. We have rescued several clients when their original data migration services provider could not migrate all the archived data or preserve their legal holds. Finally, we can ensure constant availability of your data for business purposes, legal inquiries or SEC requests, throughout the migration process. Contact us today to find out why some of the largest financial services companies chose Interlock for their archive data migration.

Financial data migration customers benefit from:

  • Pre-migration assessment and planning for your archive data migration
  • Support for a variety of archive data migration configurations (CAS-CAS, CAS-NAS, NAS-NAS, CAS-Object)
  • Data quality review, archive migration verification, with preservation of legal holds
  • Support for key financial and business applications