Helping Healthcare Organizations Streamline their Archive Storage Systems

Many organizations have archive data silos because they added storage quickly to accommodate digital record keeping, or ended up with several different types of archive data solutions when they merged with other organizations. These organizations now find themselves with disparate archive data silos that provide slow access to records and are time-consuming and expensive to manage. Interlock can break down these silos, simplify archive data administration, and speed the retrieval time for x-rays, MRIs and other data, all while offering a VNA-ready and big data complaint solution. In addition, we have extensive experience migrating healthcare data and we ensure HIPAA data regulatory compliance.

Many Interlock clients have found that they significantly reduced costs and personnel hours by migrating their archived data to a new, more efficient solution. For customers searching for a DICOM migration and/or PACS data migration, we offer a much faster, technologically superior solution. A PACS data migration requires specific expertise to ensure the PACS images are successfully transferred for Electronic Health Records (EHR) meaningful use. At Interlock, we have successfully migrated these files for many healthcare organizations and can move your archive data to whichever storage provider and type of storage you choose. Finally, Interlock’s proprietary archive migration technology is designed specifically for archive data migration. Interlock can migrate data faster than other companies, and more than 10 times faster than a DICOM transfer. You can read more about our healthcare specific data migration services in our case study, Children’s National reduced personnel expenses by 50 – 60% by migrating their archived data.