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Interlock Ensures Successful PACS Data Migration to NAS or Cloud Storage

With the decline in medical reimbursements, many healthcare organizations are searching for ways to lower the cost and complexity of storing and managing archived data. Migrating radiology and image data from largely proprietary Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) to less costly NAS and Cloud infrastructures helps lower costs while ensuring compliance with HIPAA. In addition, many companies are also considering whether to move their archive data to the cloud. Interlock has helped some of the leading healthcare organizations streamline their archive storage systems by migrating their archive data to almost endlessly expandable hybrid cloud solutions.

Whether you are looking to move your archived data to a new on-site storage system, or to the cloud, Interlock is a leading provider of PACS data migrations and we can migrate your archive data to the storage solution and vendor of your choice. Our proprietary data migration technology bypasses the host to migrate data at the storage layer, avoiding time-consuming DICOM migrations while preserving metadata and audit trails. To ensure your successful PACS data migration, we support a wide range of PACS and medical-imaging healthcare applications from leading vendors, including:

  • GE Centricity ™
  • FujiFilm Synapse ™
  • McKesson Patient Folders™ (MPF)
  • Philips Intellispace ™
  • Siemens Syngo ™


For more information on PACS data migration and Interlock’s data regulatory compliance, please contact us today.

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