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Migrating your Archived Data to the VNA Storage of your Choice – VNA Migrations

In Healthcare circles, a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) can make your archive storage easier to manage and offer a wider choice for archive storage systems. Interlock has partnered very closely with some of the leading VNA providers. We understand the complexity and considerations involved in making a VNA decision, so when you work with Interlock on your VNA migration you not only engage data migration experts, but you also get an experienced VNA advisor who provides consultant-quality advice and support.

Interlock offers a HIPAA-Compliant Assessment and PACS Data Migration service that starts with a pre-migration audit. Interlock ensures your PACS data is:

Intact – Before Interlock begins the process of normalizing and cleansing your archived data for VNA, Interlock will first account for all of your patient data, including identifying any exceptions or anomalies. Should we locate any inconsistencies in your archived data, we can frequently take corrective action.

Accessible – Our Archive Assessment Service will inventory every record residing on your EMC Centera®, or other CAS System, checking for accuracy and accessibility between the storage layer and the PACS system.

Ready for VNA – Our high-speed, HIPAA-compliant migration service will transform your EMC Centera®, or other object data, into a standard format on a modern platform. This process prepares your data for VNA ingest and also makes the data easier for your VNA vendor to manage.

The VNA-Ready Archive Data Migration

Whether you’ve decided on moving your archived data to a VNA or you are just exploring this option, it’s time to consider a plan for your PACS archive modernization. Interlock can prepare your data quickly with our high-speed “VNA Ready” migration service. With Interlock’s VNA-R migrations, we bypass the application layer and access data directly from the storage layer. This style of archive migration preserves access to clinical PACS and image stores. Our technology copies and migrates archive data, preserving the integrity of the source system for a fast, risk-free migration.

Interlock migrates PACS data at 10x+ the speed of a regular host-based migration; averaging 5-9 TB transferred per day, (and we work 7 days a week!). As a result, our VNA-R archive data migrations are completed in weeks, instead of months or years, and our VNA-ready migrations are compatible with all of the major PACs software systems.

Take the critical first step in any VNA consideration: let Interlock account for all of your data, ensure data accuracy and make your data “VNA Ready” on a modern archive system. Contact us today to learn more about our VNA archive data migration solutions.

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