Interlock Announces VNA Ready Migration

Interlock Technology Announces VNA Ready Migration Services
WALTHAM, MA (SEP 15, 2013) – Interlock Technology, a leading data migration services company today announced its VNA Ready migration service.

Interlock considers its HIPAA-Compliant assessment and migration service a key preliminary component in any VNA centered initiative. “Many health care organizations are considering the practicality of a VNA,” said Michael Cavers, Interlock’s Vice President of Alliances, “Interlock works with some of the leading VNA providers and we understand the complexity involved, as well as the many factors that are incorporated into a VNA decision. The first step in any VNA decision is analyzing and organizing your data prior to ingest.”

In performing VNA-R Migrations, Interlock bypasses the application layer and accesses the data directly from the storage layer; preserving access to clinical PACS and image stores. Their technology copies and migrates archive data, preserving the integrity of the source system for a fast, risk-free migration.

Interlock migrates PACS data at 10x the speed of a regular host-based migration; averaging 5-9 TB transferred per day. VNA-R Migrations are completed in weeks instead of months or years. Interlock’s VNA Ready Migrations are compatible with most of the major PACs software providers.

Ann Dalrymple
Public Relations
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