Interlock Technology Adds Support for Three New Types of Archive Data Applications

– Supports the largest number of archive data applications –

Waltham, MA – July 13, 2015 — Interlock Technology, a leading archive data migration provider, has added migration support for three new types of data applications, ApplicationXtender (AX), Hyland’s OnBase and Caminosoft. To ensure it can migrate the broadest range of archive data applications, Interlock regularly develops supporting code for new applications. By supporting the largest number of applications, Interlock enables customers to use a single source provider for archive data migrations – an advantage that saves time, money and hassles.

“We are very pleased to add support for three new types of applications,” stated Gary Lieberman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Interlock Technology. “We have always supported more applications than any other archive data migration supplier and our development team will keep working to add support for additional applications,” he continued. “By offering a single vendor solution, we simplify the archive data migration process for our customers.”

“The addition of AX, OnBase and Caminosoft to the applications Interlock supports will enable us to serve even more archive migration customers,” said Michael Cavers executive vice president of global sales and alliances. “The reason Interlock can support so many different types of application data is because we have skilled archive data engineers that create custom plug-ins to migrate almost any type of application data.” He continued, “We can even create plug-ins to migrate custom-developed code that companies created in-house. This is a skill many data migration companies do not possess.”

Interlock Technology was the first company to offer Centera archive data migrations and has deep expertise that enables it to handle the most challenging migrations. With its storage agnostic technology, Interlock can migrate data to and from any storage provider that a client selects. In addition, Interlock offers complete transparency during the migration, with pre-migration assessments and post-migrations reports. This ensures that there is an audit trail and preserves chain-of-custody, for legal and regulatory compliance.


About Interlock Technology:

Interlock Technology is the leading provider of archive data migrations from EMC Centera┬«, and other object-based storage systems, to the storage infrastructure of your choice. Interlock’s field-tested, proprietary technology bypasses the applications so it migrates archive data at 10x the speed of host-based migrations, as well as supports a broader range of file types than any other provider. We make archive data migration simple, safe, fast and effective. For more information on Interlock, contact us at (888) 369-1024 or


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