Interlock Technology Announces On-Time Guarantee for Archive Data Migrations

Waltham, MA – August 5, 2015 — Interlock Technology, a leading archive data migration provider, is pleased to announce an on-time guarantee for its archive data migration services. Interlock has an unparalleled depth of expertise in data migration; this experience enables Interlock to provide accurate estimates of the project scope and data migration timeframe. We stand behind our quoted timelines and we guarantee that Interlock’s portion of the project, starting when we begin moving the data and ending when we finish moving the data, will be completed within the amount of time quoted in your signed statement of work. Interlock is the only archive data migration vendor to offer an on-time guarantee.

“Customers regularly tell us that one of the things they love about Interlock is the fact that we complete our work on time,” stated Gary Lieberman, co-founder and CEO of Interlock Technology, “This is an important consideration for many companies, so we decided to formalize this benefit by offering an on-time guarantee.” Lieberman continues, “This type of predictability is important for IT planning. Obviously, this only applies to the Interlock portion of the project, but customers now have the comfort of knowing that their data migration will be completed on-time if they use Interlock.”

Interlock Technology was the first company to offer Centera archive storage migrations and has deep expertise that enables it to handle the most challenging migrations. With its storage agnostic technology, Interlock can migrate data to and from any storage provider that a client selects. In addition, Interlock offers complete transparence during the migration, with pre-migration assessments and post-migrations reports. This ensures that there is an audit trail and preserves chain-of-custody, for legal and regulatory compliance. Interlock’s on-time guarantee does not apply to the whole project, only the Interlock data migration. Interlock cannot be responsible for the timelines or delays of other parties and cannot guarantee the original timeline if the scope of the project changes or if there are issues with the client’s network availability.

About Interlock Technology:

Interlock Technology is the leading provider of archive data migrations from EMC Centera®, and other object-based storage systems, to the storage infrastructure of your choice. Interlock’s field-tested, proprietary technology bypasses the applications so it migrates archive data at 10x the speed of host-based migrations, as well as supports a broader range of file types than any other provider. We make archive data migration simple, safe, fast and effective. For more information on Interlock, contact us at (888) 369-1024 or


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