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Data Migration Resource Kit

Will Your Archive Data Storage Solution Reach End-of-life in 2015?

Is your archived data stored on one of the EMC Centera units that will reach end-of-life this year? Many organizations are not aware that large numbers of EMC Centera archive storage solutions will reach end of life over the next two to three years. If your archive system is nearing end-of-life, start planning your archive migration now, rather than waiting to get the end-of-life letter.

With so many systems reaching end-of-life near the same time, demand for archive storage services will be high. Organizations that wait until the last minute may not be able to schedule a migration in time and may incur penalties for extended support of their archive storage. Download our Data Migration Resource Kit now to get the tools you need to start planning your archive data migration.

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By booking early you can reduce costs, increase the speed and efficiency of your archive storage solution and avoid the rush. Many companies are not aware that they can move their archive data storage to any vendor or platform. If you use a full service data migration company, the work will be done for you while you retain full visibility into your data throughout the migration.

Our Data Migration Resource Kit provides a wealth of materials designed to help you make informed decisions about your data migration. One of the best things you can do before a migration is to analyze your data to understand the types and amounts of files you have. We can help you prepare for your data migration by helping you understand the question to ask before migrating your data. Here is a small sample of the tips you will receive from our downloadable Data Migration Resource Kit:

  • Make a list of all of the different file types you need to transfer and ensure that all of the prospective vendors can work with your files. Checking this vendor capability in advance enables you to avoid delays or project interruptions.
  • Many archive storage systems, like EMC’s Centera, are dark storage. Ask each data migration company if they offer a comprehensive pre-migration assessment. This provides you with a report of the file types and quantities that you have in your storage so you can compare that to your final transfer report and ensure no data is left behind.
  • Ask to look at sample reports so you can compare each vendor’s reporting capabilities and to ensure you have full visibility into your data during migration.  If you are in the financial, healthcare or government industries, ensure your vendor is compliant with industry standards, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and SEC 17a4. Make sure that your migration vendor ensures chain-of-custody along will comprehensive pre-assessment and post-assessment reports to prove that all of your data was transferred successfully.  Interlock’s reports are so comprehensive that they have stood up in court as proof of compliance.

About Interlock Technology’s Archive Data Migrations

Whether you are moving to a new EMC storage unit or NetApps, Hitachi Data Systems or any other vendor, Interlock Technology can move your data quickly and easily. Since we bypass the application and migrate the data directly, we can transfer the data 10x faster than host-based migrations, and we support a broader range of file types than other data migration vendors.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Download our Data Migration Resource Kit today and be prepared. You will also have the option of signing up for a free data consultation, where one of our migration experts will review what data you need to know before moving your data and assess any potential issue based upon your responses.

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