Our Archive Data Migration Services

We Move More Archive Data than any Competitor

When migrating your archived data, look for an expert professional services company that will handle the whole migration and has the experience to successfully map and migrate complex architectures. With your legal and regulatory compliance at risk, you do not want to be one of those organizations that try to migrate your own data and fail. Archive data can be damaged and lost in that process; it is not worth the risk.

The Benefits of a Full-Service Archive Data Migration Provider

Some companies try to save a few dollars by using an “automated” migration company. Sadly, if your migration has complexities (which many do) an “automated” company cannot always finish the job. In the end, you end up hiring a full-service archive data migration company anyway. By trying to save a few dollars, some companies put their systems in a precarious position where they risk data loss and fines, as well as downtime and inaccessible data. Choosing a full service archive data migration provider eliminates the risk that you will be left stranded in case legal or regulatory issues occur during the migration.

Proprietary Technology Designed Specifically for Archive Data Migrations

Interlock was the first company to offer Centera archive data migrations; our technology was designed by expert data archive engineers for the sole purpose of migrating archived data. Many vendors try to retrofit a solution and then leave their gateway solution behind because you now need that appliance to access your data. With Interlock, we finish the migration with no boxes left behind; there are no worries about third-party technology compatibility issues or any support concerns.

Interlock’s Archive Data Migration Philosophy

Migrating archive data is more complex than switching platforms or simplifying storage infrastructures. At Interlock, we don’t cut corners. We ensure your data isn’t lost in the transfer. Before we begin a migration, we run a pre-migration audit and present you with a pre-migration report. It details:

  • The types of data you have
  • The quantity and location of each type of data
  • Any data quality issues we discover

We take the time to assess the state and the quality of your data before any migration. Next, we prepare a migration roadmap using our Xspedient™ technology that ensures zero interruptions to your business during your archive data migration. Finally, we also provide a post-migration report that validates the success of each data migration, and proves that all data was migrated for legal and/or regulatory purposes. We make archive data migration easy.

Interlock delivers data migrations that are:

  • Fast: Data transfer speed more than 10x faster than host-based migration
  • Zero impact on your business: Our Xspedient technology bypasses the application layer and transfers the data directly so we have no impact on your business during the migration
  • Application-proven: Support for leading health care and financial services applications
  • Reliable: Hundreds of archive data migrations completed
  • Compliant: HIPPA, SEC 17a4 and Sarbanes-Oxley as well as unlike an automated solution, with Interlock, your chain of custody remains intact throughout all audit and migration processes
  • Non-destructive: Source data never changes and CAS systems stay as found
  • User-friendly: Customers can monitor the progress of audits and migrations and see vital statistics
  • See The Interlock Difference for more information