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C2Cloud (CAS to Cloud)

finger_cloudMigrating archive data from physical servers to the Cloud promises dramatic reductions in operational costs, architectural complexity, and staff time to manage archive systems. Yet migrating archive data to the cloud can have hidden costs and complexity, especially for industries such as Financial Services and Healthcare, where much archive data is regulated.

Interlock’s CAS-to-Cloud archive data migration service uses Interlock’s proprietary appliance running industry-standard XAM interfaces to clone data from the source system to the target Cloud service. Issues fundamental to migrations – retaining the archive system’s user interface, functionality, and APIs – are solved via a comprehensive pre-migration assessment, planning and migration process.

Because Interlock’s CAS-to-Cloud migration service clones archive data from the host appliance directly to the Cloud rather than passing through the application level, the migration process is simplified, requiring only the selection of the original CAS system and the target cloud. Taking advantage of the inherent parallelism of Centera and placement of the migration appliance out of the production data path, Interlock’s archive to cloud migration is an order of magnitude faster than host-based migration approaches.


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