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Compliant to Compliant Archive Migration

Green check mark into a closed padlock, security conceptFull regulatory compliance in archive data migration need not be slow or costly.

Interlock Archive Migration services for compliant-to-compliant systems preserve retention policies, maintaining full document authenticity and providing a migration audit trail.

Interlock’s proprietary technology uses virtualization to ensure maximum flexibility adapting to customer archive environments. Common compliant-to-compliant migration configurations include:

CAS to NAS: Interlock’s proprietary technology clones CAS data from the source device. Compliance/retention policies applied to the source data are copied to the target device.

CAS to CAS: Interlock clones data from one CAS system to another at high speed, preserving all object metadata and compliance policies.

NAS to NAS: Interlock performs migrations across similar or dissimilar NAS platforms, cloning WORM retention policies applied to source data.

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