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Archive Migration Without Boundaries

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You’ve invested a lot in data archive systems to store email, medical images and other critical, sometimes regulated data. As your Centera or other content-addressable storage (CAS) systems near end of life, it’s time to migrate to a new Centera, NAS or Cloud archive. Application dependencies, the complexity inherent in Centera and sheer data volumes may be holding you back. But there’s a way….

Interlock Technology, the premier archive migration specialist, has handled hundreds of archive migrations for hospitals, banks, and enterprises with large CAS installations. Our fast, field-tested and application-proven methodology handles tough migration challenges – everything from short timeframes to vast amounts data, complexity, risk, lack of in-house expertise, poor understanding of what’s in the data, and complex validation thresholds. Our success rate is unmatched.

Interlock is the proven partner for migrating archive data. We complete complex migrations in weeks or months, not years. And we never lose data.

Whether you’re faced with end-of-life hardware or looking for more cost-effective storage for archive data, call Interlock Technology today. 


Interlock provides a range of services tailored to your archive migration challenges. From Assessment to Compliant Migrations to Custom Engineering, our fast, application-proven migration services deliver successful migrations at rates more than 10 times faster than host-based migration.


Archive migrations from Centera to Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, or extract the value in your data through a Big Data migration.


Healthcare and Financial Services organizations can preserve access to regulated data stored in CAS systems industries with a rapid, cost-effective data migration.

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