We Make it Easy to Move your Archive Data to the Cloud

With the vast increase in the amount of archive data organizations are storing, many organizations have found that they need scalable archive data solutions at an affordable price. With no up-front hardware investments, cloud storage can be a fraction of the cost of on-site archive storage systems. But, there are both pros and cons of storing your archive data in the cloud. Download our white paper, Four Things You Must Do before Migrating your Archive Data to the Cloud. This white paper reviews the different types of clouds, and the pros and cons of migrating your archive data to the cloud. In addition, it reviews the different file types that need to be supported as well as the industry and regulatory compliance issues that you need to consider.

Cloud Storage Options

Interlock has helped numerous organizations migrate their archive data to the cloud. There are three main types of cloud storage options: public, private and hybrid. All three are scalable, reduce up-front costs when compared to traditional on-site storage, and decrease the time spent managing archive storage since most cloud storage companies will oversee the daily operations and back-ups.

  1. Public. In public cloud storage, the organization stores information outside of the company’s data center and the cloud storage provider fully manages the cloud storage, data and security.
  2. Private. With private cloud storage, a cloud storage company installs a cloud infrastructure behind the organization’s firewall, but still manages the cloud storage for scalability, reliability and rapid deployment. This is the most expensive type of cloud storage, but it is generally the most secure.
  3. Hybrid. A hybrid installation keeps the most critical data in a private cloud, while storing less sensitive data in a public cloud.

When deciding what is safe and appropriate for your archive data storage, consider the types of data you will store and the security regulations for your industry. Our cloud storage white paper provides detailed information on cloud storage data security and industry considerations.

When you choose interlock, not only will we help you migrate your data, we will also help you decide how to segment and organize your data between the different types of clouds. We have unparalleled knowledge of data migration and archive data storage; we are more than a data migration company, we act as an archive data consulting partner to our clients.