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SporkMigrating archive data from Centera or other CAS platforms to Hybrid Cloud infrastructures – IaaS, PaaS or private cloud in some combination – presents equal measures of opportunity and risk. Hybrid cloud can offer some of the benefits of private cloud – local control of operations and performance – with those of public cloud – remote storage for archive data which is accessed infrequently but must be held in an immutable state. The biggest challenge is determining how to migrate archive data to ensure chain of custody and preservation of records while choosing the most cost-effective and easy to manage private/public cloud solution

Interlock Technology’s Hybrid Cloud Archive Migration solution helps customers navigate the decisions required to choose an effective hybrid cloud approach for archive data. Using our proven assess-migrate-validate methodology, we help customers find the right balance between public and private clouds, gathering requirements, assessing the state of existing CAS archives, and recommending a Hybrid Cloud solution that makes sense. We then migrate the data to the target Hybrid Cloud using virtualization and multiplexing to achieve maximum migration speeds using our proprietary migration appliance.

Validation that archive data has been successfully migrated, in its original state, and is fully accessible is the final step. Migration rates of up to six TB a day are attained without risk to source data.

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